The Original Personalized Family Name Sign

The use of Personalized Family Name Signs has become a popular trend in home decorating. Personalized Family Name Signs (also known as Family Name Signs, or Last Name Signs) let decorators proudly display their family name with a family motto. At we are proud to have initiated this decorating craze. American Woodcrafts is the leader in designing and producing original, heirloom quality Family Name Signs and Established Signs.



The Story Behind the Original Family Name Sign

In 2004 I was searching for a gift to give an elderly couple. On a recent visit, the elderly man had shared a memory of his father who had long since passed. The gentleman recalled his father, a cowboy, squatting down and smiling as he watched his children play inside a ranch corral. He mentioned that he could remember his father often telling his children, “You are as good as the best and better than the rest”.

The elderly man took great delight in recounting his father’s words and he never forgot that advice. I wanted to give an anniversary gift that would replicate this joy. While discussing this with my husband, we decided that we would create a gift that would remind the couple of the cowboy’s kind words. My husband created a sign blank and a frame. I designed and painted a sign with the theme, “As good as the best ~ better than the rest”, superimposed over the family’s last name. The first Personalized Family Name Sign had been created.

The couple’s reaction to the gift convinced us that we had created something special. We began selling Personalized Family Name Signs at craft fairs. The response we received was overwhelming. Within a short time, was created to specialize in bringing personalized home décor to market.

Today, Family Name Signs can be found in the homes of hundreds of thousands.  At we’re glad to offer quality Personalized Family Name Signs “because everybody needs a sign”.